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How do I find out more?

Tuesday evenings. Once a month, FREE, gatherings to awaken, develop and reconnect with your spiritual path. One month online, one month in person - a different location every 2 months.


I’m not a leader just the facilitator, none of us will be ‘the leader’, taking different meditations, readings etc every meet up.

Completely free and of course with optional bring your own to share refreshments. CAKE!

What is Spiritual Serenity?

Would you be interested in joining a spiritual circle?

You all know me well enough to know that of course it will be slightly more whimsical and light hearted than a coven of witches scrying round a fire. Which of course, there is nothing wrong with!


However I know, through various avenues, so many incredibly spiritual, strong, wonderful healers, mediums, spiritualists, therapists, yogis, dowsers, Crystal healers, readers, authors, musicians and people just interested in dipping their toe into the spiritual realm.

Our group is safe, protected and a wonderful space to grow your awakening.

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