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Thetford Forest Rides get £11 per session (not hour!) bike hire

Also we have more discounts for you...

£1 parking for yoga walk participants at High Lodge (Bethany also run walking yoga at High Lodge 9-10am on Breeze Saturdays)

£3 for Walking yoga and Breeze Cycling

£3 just for Breeze

(save £1 and come along to both!)

And discounts available to both Breeze and Yoga Walk participants in the cafe!

How do I find out more?

What is Serenity Cycles?

Serenity Cycles - Breeze into the Forest - Breeze with British Cycling

In case you missed what Breeze is ...

A new initiative in partnership with Breeze into the Forest and British Cycling. Breeze into the Forest is aimed at getting more women out into our beautiful Forestry England areas, on guided bicycle rides with other like minded ladies.

So Bethany has become a Breeze Champion and I am now the area representative for High Lodge and the surrounding forest.

If you are nervous about cycling off road (NOT MOUNTAIN BIKING!), you don't like cycling with your family because they leave you behind or you think you haven't got the right type of bike, this might just be the way for you to start enjoying cycling again! And best of all - IT IS ENTIRELY FREE!

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