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'Helping you find calm and tranquility in every day life!'

About Me

Welcome to Serenity and thank you for visiting my webpage.


I am a fully qualified specialist yoga instructor with BSY.  My yogic journey began when I started practicing yoga to help with exam worries in school. I found that it is so much more than an exercise class and started to fully embrace the yogic way of life.

After 4 years I decided to take the plunge and become a teacher to allow others to benefit like I have from this beautiful art form.


Yoga can help to ease the stresses of every day life, aid in aches and pains and help to tone and strengthen the body! 


Do you have a new years resolution to get fit for summer? Slim for spring? Drop a dress size for Autumn? Yoga could help! 


Do you get home after work feeling uninspired and laze about knowing you should be doing something? Yoga could help!


Do you wish you could go to a class without judgement and not break the bank in going along? 

Serenity yoga is definitely for you! 


Check out my classes and contact me for more information.



What should I expect from a Serenity Yoga Class?

All of my classes are focused around your own growth and development through the postures and the overall aim being able to find a deeper understanding of yoga. 

I, as always, can tailor the class to your personal needs for anyone from beginners up to the more seasoned yoga goer!

If you wish to attend multiple classes in a week there are concessionary rates available and every class is different so you can attend back to back too.


Class Structure:


My classes will always begin with an alignment to begin yoga, that may be  a breathing excersise, a short meditation or a visualisation to set the scene


Then we will move onto warming the body up by using breath with flowing gentle movements to warm the joints and muscles you may not even think you have!


Then we will begin working deeper, working from the floor up to standing postures and balances or from sitting up to standing. These will ground, strengthen and tone the body.


Finally we will come back down to the mat and do some breath led strong and dynamic poses, or gentle twists to suit the class, before laying down, and getting all wrapped up in our blankets (if its not a summers day!) ready for Shavasana, or Corpse pose. 

This is not at all how it sounds, here we go on a deep meditation or visualistaion to relax and heal the whole body. I will place a lavender eye pillow over your eyes if you would like, and we go on a beautiful journey together to end the class.

If this sounds like your sort of thing why not ...



Where are my Classes?

haughley pavillion.jpg


The Pavillion

Wednesday 9.30 am



Village Hall

Selected Mondays 6.30 pm



The Baptist Church

Thursday 7.15 pm


Great Ashfield

Lord Thurlow Village Hall

Thurs 9.30 am



The Cavendish Hall

Friday 2.00 pm

download (2).jpg

Thorpe Morieux

The Village Hall

Weds 6.45pm



The Village Hall

Tuesday 9.30 am

Here at Serenity Yoga Suffolk we are trained and experienced in all sorts of yoga styles.

As you deepen your practice you find styles of yoga that suit you, and I know that Serenity Yoga Suffolk isn't for everyone, but hopefully everyone finds something that they enjoy in our classes. 

They are safe for almost everyone, with options throughout to help you choose the pose variation that you love. 

Serenity Yoga Suffolk have some wonderful advocates who have left reviews and recommendations on Google and Facebook - I always think that real people are the best to explain what we are all about!

Using Yoga Hubs expert pages I am proud to say that our classes are Hatha Yoga with influences of Kundalini and Iyengar

What sort of Yoga is Serenity Yoga Suffolk?

Get In Touch

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Contact me to book your yoga class, workshop or retreat

07930 199582


Thank you for contacting Serenity.

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